A Brief History of New London Writers

Brief History of New London Writers

 New London Writers,  was a zine in the late 1990’s, produced out of a tiny studio flat in East London.

New London Writers magazine was a melange of street poets, writers, and artists.  During its short lifespan it was popular with writers, agents, and publishers alike.

Quentin Crisp supported the zine with an elegant poem, written in lavender Ink.

Crisp issued a protest from the heart about homophobia and oppression, a testament to his undaunted spirit.

Other luminaries were Bette Bourne of Bloolips, Suzanne Moore and novelist Bill Brody.  A P Watt was one of the first agents to subscribe.  When the magazine closed, the title – New London Writers – was adopted by the  Arts Council for use in one of their awards schemes.

Quentin Crisp by Ella Guru

Quentin Crisp by Ella Guru (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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