Middle Class Mexico

The Growing Middle Class in Mexico

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Despite hearsay of gory decapitations and cartel wars, I chose to accept a teaching position in Queretaro, Mexico in 2007.  I was born in the United States, and despite the common, albeit untrue general opinion of Mexico’s threat level toward foreigners, most of my friends and family tried to convince me to stay closer to home. I would always be safe close to home, they told me.

Sadly, the schools and Colleges in my home state were overwrought with competing teacher’s resumes. Even the substitute positions were no longer accepting applications for employment. I accepted the position in Queretaro. Over the course of a few months, I still hadn’t seen any blood or gore. However, I did begin to notice a decidedly more important quality that modern Mexico had begun to offer: Mexico’s middle class had been growing for the past few years, and in Queretaro, the booming middle class had begun to influence the subtle economic changes that had been overshadowed by the well-publicized violence born from the illegal Mexican / American drug and weapons trade. My unbelievably chic Academic Instructor offered to take me shopping for some new clothes at some of Mexico’s hippest boutiques. Occasionally, I would be forced to scold my students for bringing their data-collecting smart-phones and MP3 players into class. After helping my students edit their University entry letters, I would sometimes stroll the downtown shops and nibble at Creperies and fancy cafes. The Mexico I saw was nothing close to the violent, backward country I had been convinced to fear. In fact, it had one quality unmatched by any other country in the Americas: A growing middle class.

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