Big Brother Is Watching Kenya

Edwin Kaguri
The president elect Uhuru, whose name means freedom in Swahili, was able to clinch the top job in Kenya in the just concluded March 4th, 2013 elections. The process had few hitches and results were delayed but after almost a week of waiting, results came out.

The victory was nationally celebrated by the UhuRuto followers with the biggest loser in the race being the CORD Team. There were 8 candidates contesting for the seat, in the once a British Protectorate, but the rest 6 gathered insignificant number of votes.

Almost immediately, speculations were made that Europe had banned Uhuru and Ruto from traveling there but British High Commissioner Christian Turner denied the claims. As reported by The Standard Media Group. Still, the proverbial disciplinarian face is on. Is punishment waiting?

Seems the voters weren’t wise enough to elect the best leader or the electoral process was flawed.

With a very young democracy, Kenya has amazed Big Brother by maintaining peace from the start of elections up till now. Have never understood why such peace loving people were up in arms against each other before. They’re political thus constant tribal duel casualties.

Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of the founding father of the Nation—Jommo Kenyatta—is going back to State House as a president now. Continue reading