Extreme Spiritual Makeover – Part 4

By Robert Owens-Greygrass

You see it is up to Lost. The Extreme Spiritual Makeover (enlightenment for both individual and collective) is on you, it is on me, the work is done by all the great teachers, avatars, medicine men and women who ever lived. The work is in the journey.

extreme spiritual makeover

spirit is free

Lost has to do the work. He/she/we must truly think good thoughts and commit to a way of being in our daily lives that will support his/her/our meditation, our intentions if you will. Then, without fail he/she/we must act, not just for our family, nation, or people but for all of life on Mother Earth.It is our sacred duty to offer some material help through money and service to the poor and needy. It is our sacred duty to offer earth-based education to the ignorant and needy in all demographics (rich as well as poor). It is our sacred duty to continue to recycle our garbage, generate less garbage, plant trees, clean up the water, and establish more arts and education. That is our collective duty.

The 7th generation needs to step up. He/she/we must create good works that are sustainable, continuous and passed on generation to generation. Good works that will create a physical manifestation of courage, fortitude, generosity, wisdom, compassion, humor, love, and humility expanding the potential in the boy/girl scout tenets and the quintessential understanding of spiritual knowledge all the great teachers have lived by.

Hollaayy! I am preaching now. Can you feel the extreme spiritual makeover? Can you feel it?

It is rarely a quick fix zapped with instant enlightenment. There are moments that are life changing and can explode inside us like a lightening strike, but those are usually moments we have been building toward and when we are ready all the elements fall into place and an immense, vast wave of internal knowledge will expand inside us. But mostly conscious living is just that, steady daily assertion and actions that are imbued with all the beautiful things we have been talking about. When we do this daily work and really let it become part of us, the lightening strike can occur. It entails devotion and stick-to-itive-ness.

It requires fortitude. Fortitude is an idea not often thought of. We talk about stamina, or perseverance or persistence. Fortitude has an element of deep inner strength and knowledge that is greater than the sum of the parts. It has a romantic notion to it that if one is self reflective and focused enough, one will persevere in a beautiful way.

Fortitude is:

Living the devotion and the sacrifices, that are not really sacrifices, which one feels for something beautiful and powerful in ones life. A sacrifice is only as good as that which replaces it. To behave and think good thoughts, to be compassionate and offer help and honesty to each and everyone we meet, is not a sacrifice…unless we really need to be selfish, arrogant and only have our own way…hhmm?

The calamity of the modern Western mind is that it seeks a quick fix for everything, including hunger, emotions, romance, debt, or suddenly being saved. Western mind is hungry and often feels the need for a pilgrimage, like meeting with the Pope, legislation to fix society, a visit to a sacred location, a “suffering up” for the people in a sweat lodge or a visit to the great medicine man living in Malibu or Pine Ridge and this is where trickster teaching will fool us.  So ask the right questions. Yes, a pilgrimage is always fruitful if it is genuine.

How do I know these are the right questions? How do I know I am in the right place at the right time?

Trickster lives inside each of us. It will show up through self-doubt, greed, selfishness, arrogance, and foolishness. I am sure you can list a few more.You will know when you are in the right place at the right time. You will know if you have asked the right question. It is not luck, it is an answer to your internal talk, your subconscious desires, and your gut instincts will let you know. These are your feelings and sensations not necessarily emotions. These are your sometimes surprised and amazed responses to what are called the coincidences that occur in your life. Which is only the synchronistic manifestation of your thinking/being. There are no coincidences or accidents, there is only synchronicity with your own subconscious as it is connected to the collective conscious. As you vibrate higher and more clearly the universe responds higher and more clearly to you.

This is what is meant by the expression we are all related, or all my relations. This is the meaning of being connected in the web of life. This is what is meant by namaste, shalom, amen, asalem malieka. A prayer life or meditation practice, a ceremonial way of life is one sure way to help stimulate and then answer the right questions.

Extreme Spiritual Makeover – Part 4 (World Leaders)

Our world leadership could gain much from such internal, truthful practices. Rather than the secular way they continue to approach spiritual ideologies and practices. Or the crazy, demanding and puritanical theocratic way some governments work.

Humans do these trickster things that seem crazy or confused or incongruous. We are spiritual by nature and we naturally seek enlightenment. We seek further knowingness and spiritual comprehensions because we are compelled, pulled, drawn. It is an innate voice always calling to us. It shows itself in the wonder of birth and death and in the infinite beauty of Mother Earth.

It is manifest in incredible works of art and great societies and humans too often garble it up. Lost, is on the right path, he is blessed to live in this time of great information and opportunity. Come to think of it any time is a great time of information and opportunity as the voice of spiritual knowledge is always there always available and we always have the choice to listen and respond or ignore it. It will work on us from the inside out if we stay conscious of it and give it some time and real care.

What is consciousness? Do Americans buy consciousness? Is it possible to be conscious and rich? Is there life after death? Is there life after birth? More in the next installments of Extreme Spiritual Make Over. Is reincarnation real?

Polio, divorces, poverty, addiction a Jekyll and Hyde nightmare life. Robert learned from it. Painful yet he survived the damage with grace and inspiration to help others. Black Belt, father, grandfather, a spiritual traveler with an intelligent sense of humor. He holds a PHD in life–Paid His Dues. http://www.robertgreygrass.com/#!whole-self-wellness/

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