Approaching Women The Easy Way

Approaching Women the Easy Way involves finding ways to approach women with sincerity, a bit of creativity, and courage. Here’s how.

Play an Obvious Game

This method requires the most creativity and it can make the act of approaching women a lot more fun. Playing an obvious game means to perform a role that is “clearly” not true or intended to deceit. There is always a tendency for singles to present themselves as being something they are not when they first meet someone. This is especially true after they have had a few drinks. This is not what I am talking about here. I believe that your best act is being yourself. You can do this in creative ways, however. It all depends on your natural abilities.women

Note: The upcoming links are to t-shirts with provocative screen printed wording that I composed and designed. One game that I played very successfully at nightclubs was that of being the club’s social director. My friends can attest to the success of this way of approaching women. This might immediately sound deceitful, but it wasn’t because I acted and responded in a way that women knew that I wasn’t really the club’s social director. They play along because it was fun! In this role, I had the opportunity to meet almost every woman in the room and pick the ones that I wanted to get to know better. After awhile I would zero in on the one that I liked the most. The woman I choose would often seem excited, apparently because I picked her over everyone else. Winning out over the competition (other women), seems to be an aphrodisiac of sorts for women.

Another playful way of approaching women is to introduce yourself as a movie hero or a historic legend. I’ve been amazed by how successful and fun this approach can be. I’ve concluded that this is successful because women love romance and mystery. This makes sense when you consider that this is what women fantasize about most of the time. They envision their knight in an expensive suit riding up in his white Ferrari and taking her away to his mountaintop chateau. This method allows them to live this fantasy. This approach is not as complicated as it might sound.

Here’s how you present your character. You approach a woman as you normally would, or as discussed above, and then when the time comes for introductions, you introduce yourself as your selected character. If she plays along, continue. If she seems confused, help her understand with a few playful comments connected to your character. If she still doesn’t join in or she rejects the game from the start, just smile and politely re-introduce yourself using your real name. If she asks for an explanation, tell her you were just trying to break the ice. Don’t worry about any ambiguities, you will know straight away if she’s going to play along. Frequently you can tell just by looking at them from across the room. I find that it’s best to pick a movie character or historical figure because both clearly represent themselves as a fantasy. It’s also best to pick one that you can relate to in some way. A person who reflects your values or secret aspirations works well.

Here are some examples of the kind movie and historical legends that I talking about: James Bond, Rocky, Indiana Jones, Blackbeard, Romeo, Socrates, Mozart, Achilles, andRobin Hood. The way women respond to you has a lot to do with how you come across right at the beginning. When you’re approaching women in this manner you have to play the role sincerely but playfully. Let the role be a demonstration of the kind of man you are or aspire to be. If you’re not comfortable with this approach in any way do not use it.

 The more you do it the better you’ll get at approaching women. Proceed with sincerity and courage and you will eventually find the woman of your dreams!

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