Margaret Thatcher Dead? No Not Really says Olive Onion

There’s a new movement afoot, it’s called ‘Margaret Thatcher Dead’.  Whether it’s political or merely social, remains to be seen. Ms Blythe, of South London, has been rallying fellow protesters to celebrate her new movement, Margaret Thatcher  Dead.  

She has set up a Facebook group, calling it ‘The Witch is Dead’, a subsidiary group of Margaret Thatcher Dead.  This group already has over 5,000 members and calls for “demonstrations of disapproval” across the country.  I am not sure what she means.  Is she asking us to disapprove of Margaret Thatcher’s slipping out of her mortal coil, all too easily, and without a hint of hard labour?

Ms Blythe is nothing if not efficient.  She has enumerated a list of specifics on Facebook, joyous riots that took place in Bristol and Glasgow.

The University of East London graduate teaches drama and arts and specialises in workshops for the young.  She is particularly keen on criminals and explores conflict resolution through drama.  I myself know of other ways, but drama is a longstanding favourite where conflict is concerned.

This lady held a “flash party” to mark Lady Thatcher’s passing, with the message: “Anyone else like to join us?”

It reminds me of an Irish wake.  Very jolly indeed.

margaret thatcher dead

But the poor girl is deluded.  Her Facebook page reads: “Come and celebrate our liberty and freedom from tyranny! On the day Maggie stands down, once and for all!”

She says her father was a leftie and her mother was a Thatcherite.  She said she is merely celebrating the demise of Thatcher’s policies, rather than the mortal being herself.  It’s a time to reflect, Ms Blythe said, in these more prosperous times.

It’s not about gloating and being mean. It’s about using that date to reflect on the past, however unfortunate that day may be for some people

I’m calling for a peaceful demonstration of disapproval and letting the Government know we’re not stupid and we haven’t been brainwashed by more prosperous times since then

It’s all good, because this is a ‘group catharsis’, for “survivors of the Thatcher years” those suffering from post-thatcher traumatic stress disorder, a recognised complaint.

And in case you were thinking of having a jolly in town on Saturday, be warned.  25 locations across the country, are being organised by Class War, with the help of other organizations such as the All London Anarchist Revolutionary Mob, which is of course  “committed to radical action to undermine the state”.

Ian Bone, of Class War, said that an effigy of Our Lady Thatcher will sit on the fourth plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square, which has been suggested as a site for a possible statue for the former prime minister.

There’s a large papier-mache statue of Thatcher being done that will be toppled. It will be similar to the size of the Saddam Hussein one. We want to celebrate the end of Thatcher.

Scotland Yard has launched a major operation to counter threats. Naturally, all officer leave has been canceled, something of which I am sure Lady Thatcher would approve.

I wasn’t planning to attend, but with all of this drama going on, I may pop Sheeba in her blue cat box and saunter over to Trafalgar Square to witness proceedings.

Of course, Thatcher is not dead yet, not while she’s getting all of this publicity.  She relished publicity, old Thatch, and the last time I looked, the Tories were still half-running the country.

Ah well.


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