Africa On The Rise In Zimbabwe

Time for Zimbabwe to be Counted.
She desperately needs to be at par with the rest of her sisters. This is why democracy is being embraced by almost all Nations and the time for dictatorship is drawing to an end. Gone are the days when African leaders ruled till death. Now, citizens are more empowered and want to exercise their right to vote; more than any other point in time. The power is being transformed form the leaders to the people. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s president, is feeling this heat.


Mugabe is well known for rigging himself to power, over and over again. This was the case during the last general election of the country that was held in 2008. Statistics show that the people voted him out of office, but he still managed to maneuver his way back in.

His move would have been catastrophic for the entire Nation because a potential violence was lurking. If it were not for the international community that intervened and advocated for a devolved government, a post-election violence would have been inevitable.

Morgan Tsvangiray, his rival and alleged winner of that election, was given the post of Prime Minister. The wave of revolution that started in Egypt and spread to Libya, Kenya, and other African Nations has caught up with Zimbabwe. “We want a new constitution!” was the slogan for all political parties. Surprisingly, both the President and Prime Minister of the country agreed, for once, on the matter. They saw it was fit for the country to be governed under new rules. So, Zimbabweans turned up in millions to vote for the draft constitution recently.

Although many were not fully aware of all the contents therein, a clause which stated that the President can only be in office for 2 terms, 5 years for each, captured their attention. And hope was even restored. The excessive powers of the president were also slashed. The new constitution advocates for human rights meaning that everyone will live peacefully. But will gay people roam freely in the country? No. Both Mugabe and Tsvangiray agreed that Zimbabwe was no place for gay people.


In this matter, the two were in total agreement. Mugabe, now 86 years old, stated that there were too many women in the country, approx 52% of the entire population, which meant that there was no need for men to marry men. Or even vice versa. Tsvangiray, 61, added, “This behavior is worse than a dog’s”. It seems that gay bashing is still the order of the day in most African countries.

Of the 4 million Zimbabweans that turned up for the voting exercise, approx. 3.5 million voted for the new constitution. The next step is for parliament to adopt the document and finally the president to proclaim it as law. Despite the road still being rocky and long, this country can now smile. She is about to taste the good fruits of the democracy tree. The bad tree, of impunity and dictatorship, is about to be uprooted.



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