Rapid Fat Loss – Weight Loss Foods

By Simon Templer

Importance is placed on healthy food choices involving rapid fat loss when exercise is made impossible by a busy schedule and a lack of proper materials. This poses one of the most probing questions. What is best to eat?

Weight Loss Foods


Rich with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, as well as being low in sodium, apples are a hands-on fruit that keeps on giving. Keeping you well away from the doctor and being a smart addition to a rapid fat loss diet, apples keep you happy and toned. Scientifically proven to have enzymes to help you digest food and including high rates of vitamin C, apples are both easy to eat and perfect for your health.


Steak is a perfect food for a rapid fat loss diet. A resource needed to build muscle, burn calories, and best if served with a healthy partner like salad, steak is delicious and cheap, if bought at the right place. Most supermarkets hold certain cuts of steak for small prices, a bargain to help you shed pounds. This meat is also a source of power and strength, as well as a great source of protein, holding 21 grams per serving. This covers daily intake needs and makes steak one of the healthiest options for a good diet.


While it has often been said that eggs contain high cholesterol, it has been studied and concluded that women who consume bagels rather than eggs in the morning actually have the same cholesterol rate, and also achieve their rapid fat loss goals more slowly. Protein is provided by any kind of eggs and, since there are many ways to prepare them, there are many ways to win.


Salmon not only keeps your heart healthy, but can help you with rapid fat loss using Omega-3 acids and improved insulin sensitivity. This builds muscle and decreases fat. You also have many options to prepare salmon, and very little has to be done to better the taste. The amount of protein found in the food is also useful, and salmon is a leaner choice if you often consume red meat. Studies have proven that weight loss diets focused on salmon have been more successful than those centered on low-fat programs.

Lean decisions are troublesome, but with the right choices are some extra research, you will find rapid weight loss to be easier than at first believed.

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