How to Use Your Fan Remote Effectively

The House Depot promotes its brand of ceiling fans. Many of those fans have remote controls, which makes it very handy to change speed options and turn the fan off and on, without having to stand as much as access the swap, or the fan itself. Before you can begin to use your remote control, nevertheless, you must correctly set it up, which requires installing the receiver. Don’t be alarmed — this is much simpler than it appears.

To begin using your fan remote control, first switch on the fan to a greater rate. You will first need to check that the remote is functioning properly so it’s always best to begin with the fan on, so that you can use the remote to both shut the fan away or alter the speed setting.

Open up the back of the remote by slipping the battery cover off. Insert the correct size battery, that is usually a 9-volt battery. Matching up the electrodes is straightforward, as the battery will generally only fit in one way (plus, there’s usually a diagram in the distant compartment, to help ensure you have it right).

Next, it’s time to manipulate the dip switches, usually called “remote control codes.” The remote receiver comes pre-programmed with a code. Usually, the code is found printed onto a gold sticker, that is located near the best of the fan or near the motor. You’ve got two options here:

The suggested action would be to use the remote receiver code to program the remote control. This is the simplest procedure, and one that operates in most homes.

When the remote receiver frequency is also near another wireless device frequency, including a garage door opener or wireless infant monitor, you might wish to program the remote control and the receiver with a totally different device frequency.

Once you have picked a frequency, change the dip switches on both the distant and the receiver to the code you have selected. On average, you will find up to 16 available combinations. This guarantees that you can locate a code that does not fit the frequency of other wireless products in your home.

The next step would be to change the battery back and examine the remote. See if you can alter the fan speeds by using the remote.

Your remote control generally includes different keys for changing the fan speeds: high, low and moderate. Analyze all the buttons. If your lover has a light, you must also have a light important. Verify that you are able to turn the light on and off. If you ever lose or harm your distant control, do not stress — you can contact us to displace the remote, at a reasonable price.

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