How To Become A Better Student – Memory Tricks

By Maria Bennett

Every student who can master some basic memory tricks for recalling information is going to succeed. Even the most unpromising student can take advantage of these memory tricks in one area or another, to improve the process of learning. These simple tricks make the hardest to learn classes easy and even funny while the end result is getting better grades. That is why it is extremely important to learn how our brain stores the information to support the memory.

Usually the short term memory is used for taking exams. Since the information is no longer needed after that, the brain disposes of the stored information. This kind of memory is used in daily life as well as during conversations when people receive some kind of information and give a feedback in response. As its name suggests, short term memory is quite limited in terms of time and the received information will be forgotten shortly. If we make other associations and we are focused in the process of receiving the information, the duration of this kind of memory is going to be increased. Those who have, for example, difficulties in learning history, can imagine they take part in the described events to make strong connections that will help in storage the information.

Students can enhance their memory and study habits by improving their memory tricks to accommodate the information into their long term memory. Memories in long term are developed by improving your attention during class lectures and by improving your brain’s ability to remember and recall information. Some of the simplest memory tricks are to note taking, flash cards, study group, highlighting, and being involved during the class. Research has shown that the more you engage yourself and your mind in the process of learning, the more likely you are to remember and recall the information when the time comes.

Every person has their own system that they devise for memorizing information. It is possible to adopt any of the three styles of learning that suits you. The main styles are visual, auditory and kinesthetic when trying to hone your memory skills. A good idea for visual learning is to take notes and read passages from the book. The auditory method is to listen carefully and absorb the information. Kinesthetic learning involves hands-on style of jotting down notes, connecting with images or drawing various diagrams and charts. Use any one of the above styles that suits you to memorize and store information to improve your study skills. Your success depends on the style that suits you best when you resort to any one memory trick.

The Good Grades Guide is a great way to learn how to utilize memory tricks to improve your educational efforts. Look for information on this guide to help you up your grades successfully.

For more information about memory tricks , check out the Good Grades Guide. I’m sure you’ll like it!

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