Herbal Remedy For Anxiety

By Betty Forbes

Anxiety is a variety of fear, nervousness and apprehension. Small quantities of anxiety are very normal but when it’s an excessive amount of, it may lead to problems like lack of concentration, wherewithal to deliver well at the job among other conditions. If you’re experiencing anxiety and also use herbal solutions, that’s crucial that you consult physician in order to be guided which herbs to consider.

A few of the herbs that can actually be helpful include:

St. John’s Wort

That is mainly used to treat depression but it’s very helpful in relieving anxiety problems. St. Johns wort is known to lessen the signs and symptoms of tension much like Valium. It cuts down on on intake of serotonin inside the brain and this in improves for the absorption of serotonin in the body. This creates some calmness feeling and relieves anxiety. It really is however advisable to not take St. John’s Wort if you’re already taking antidepressesants as these can lead to some unwanted effects.

Kava Kava

This is a nutritional supplement and an herb that’s been approved by so many Countries in europe and has been known to alleviate anxiety and also insomnia. Because the root comes from an all natural root it lets you do the relieving without making one feel fuzzy or even drugged. The drug is competitive with serax but doesn’t have addictive potential. This herb must not however be used and various other medications like Zoloft, Halcion or even Valium. The drug should still ‘t be taken as well as alcohol or taken by someone having Parkinson’s disease simply because this may increase tremors.


This has been used for quite some time with the Indians as well as Africans to aid in curing diseases, fevers and inflammation and also to increase on mental activity. According to a research done in the University of Texas, the herb can as well reduce anxiety. Fat loss research remains done for the drug it is often discovered that it’s correct that the drug relieves anxiety.

Lemon Balm

This happens to be a mild relaxant which are usually used for treatment of nervousness and anxiety. This herb can as well act as a backup if the regular treatment cannot be accessed.


This herb is used to treat migraines and anxiety. A number of people that experience anxiety and panic attacks also experience anxiety headaches. The herb is helpful because it sooths anxiety plus cures the headache that is associated with it.

Passion flower

This herb is mainly utilised by the Indians for stopping hysteria. It is also used just as one antidepressant.


This herb cures many ailments and disorders including coughing, sore throat, in addition to carcinoma of the lung. It is also used to treat nervous disorders and anxiety. It must however provide with a lot of caution as the seeds are poisonous.

Signs of anxiety

Many of the commonly experienced symptoms which are connected with anxiety include, change in bowel habit, increased frequency of urination, increased breathing rate, irregular heartbeats, perspiration, wherewithal to concentrate, erectile dysfunction and also prolonged tiredness and others.

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