Can You Be Hypnotized Over The Internet Using Skype?

By Crispian Jones

The question “Can You Be Hypnotized Over The Internet using Skype?”is often asked. A great question. While sometimes modern technology transcends our need for age old common practices; the horse carriage moved over for the car, the pen has all but given way to the keyboard and the land-line is fast giving way to 3 or 4G, other technology actually augments current practices, and fortunately, in this case, it is the internet that ideally complements the delivery of hypnosis which in part answers the question “Can you can be hypnotized over the internet using Skype?”,very much in the affirmative. Read on for more of the answer.

With internet technology, we are actually able to use many of the same techniques and deliver outcomes of the same quality that are traditionally done in the “professional hypnosis clinic” and this includes the use of hypnosis. The essential difference with hypnosis is primarily in the style of “induction”- the process used to facilitate a person’s ‘going into hypnosis’. So yes, you can learn to be a non smoker (again, but this time for good, see below!), lose weight, [or as I prefer to say ‘release weight’, because when people ‘lose’ something they usually try to find it and with weight they usually succeed and put it right back on. When you release something you ‘let it go’ – language is all important here], manage your pain, overcome your anxiety or phobia/s and so much more; all with hypnosis, done over Skype or other video conferencing services.

The Foundation of Hypnosis

Hypnosis and hypnotists have been around for generations, long before the internet, the computer, the modern post office, even the American west’s Pony Express. For nearly as long as humans have had bad habits, emotional concerns, and a need for a subconscious push in the right direction, hypnosis has been there to help.

Behind the seemingly mystical natural concept of hypnosis is a logical, systematic practice born of training and experience. We all go into and out of trance every day: whilst reading a book, watching TV, even driving a car and not recalling the last 20 minutes or so. That state is what the hypnotist seeks to induce, rather than have it come over you naturally as explained above. An experienced hypnotist will work with a person before any hypnotic session to discover what unwanted behavior or feelings need to be dealt with and to develop a vision for a more positive future. Once this planning stage is complete, the hypnotist can help the person be more successful in the changing of their behavior, attitudes and actions by talking directly to their subconscious and helping to get the subconscious ‘on board’ with the desired, more positive behavior.

Everything that we do is rooted in our subconscious. By way of an example: If you are a smoker the initial desire to smoke may have come from a deep seated, albeit subconscious primal, need to fit in with your peers. Years later, smoking has become a subconscious habit that has now become paired with a string of emotions or associations: such as being bored, being stressed, after a meal, after an argument with someone, or it seems to go “so well” with that first cup of coffee of the day… If you have ever tried to quit smoking you know how difficult it can be, unless you have the right methodology, see below.

Despite your knowing how dangerous smoking is and how it IS literally killing you, the desire to smoke can seem too powerful to ignore. But, with hypnosis, a hypnotist can talk directly to your subconscious and change those internal urges. The hypnotist can explain the dangers of smoking to your brain in a way that is deeply felt and integrated into your subconscious thinking.

The hypnotist can also tell your mind that, as of this moment, you are a nonsmoker, and that means no cravings, no withdrawals and so on because those belong to smokers or ex smokers NOT, non smokers. Incidentally to learn more about how you can quit smoking with hypnosis you may want to read the book listed below or go the idontsmoke URL below. Of course, reading articles and buying a book online are only a small way that the internet can make hypnosis more reachable for you.

A New Age Dawns

The age old tradition of hypnosis has kept pace with the times as science has continually proven its effectiveness through clinical trials and anecdotal evidence. What’s more, those practicing hypnosis have learned to make use of technology to expand the availability of hypnosis, allowing people to access trained, experienced hypnotists even if they do not have one in their immediate geographical area or if the person is physically unable to leave their home.

Hypnosis over the Internet is really not very different from the “face to face” traditional hypnosis. Similar to in-office hypnotism, the hypnotist will have a pre-talk with the client, assessing their needs, challenges and goals. Then, the hypnotist will have the client take a comfortable position, and take the client though an induction process to help them enter a deep, state of focused concentration (hypnosis). This is easily accomplished with a clear phone or web cam connection; many people find that wearing headphones makes the process easier. The hypnotist then proceeds with the session as they would any other.

I had occasion last September to work with a client with whom I had done some face to face hypnosis in my rooms. She subsequently moved interstate and asked about hypnosis via Skype. We did the session and when I rang her back a couple of days later as a follow-up I asked her how she found the Skype session, compared to the face to face session. She said the only difference was the going into hypnosis. Needless to say she had a great outcome from the session.

The possibilities that are now opening up with the internet technology are fantastic: Web based hypnosis can be a great option for people who are anxious about “going out” to a hypnotist or psychologist and who may feel more comfortable in their own home. It also allows access to a worldwide range of clients and hypnotherapists/psychologists (depending on whether you are a hypnotist, a psychologist or a potential client) and not having to limit yourself to those who work/live near you.

Often too the costs of the session are less than the traditional fee structure, as the infrastructure to conduct an online session is not as complicated or expensive as an office set up. Some hypnotists who use hypnosis online often work from their home. So technology makes hypnosis available to a much wider audience. You are advised of course to do your ‘due diligence’ and thoroughly check out the person you want work with first. Ask for evidence of qualifications, experience, any post grad training, any formal association registrations and so on.

You need have no fear of online hypnosis; For example the biggest fear of online work is worrying about being “stuck” in a hypnotic trance, if their internet connection goes down, but this is not true. When in hypnosis you are aware of where you are and what is happening and if the connection is lost you will after a short time just becomes aware of the fact that you cannot hear a voice talking to you and you will open you eyes and bring yourself out of the hypnotic state.

Some people fear experiencing an ab-reaction, and not being able to handle it. If there is a “safe place” or “safe word” set up in the pre talk by the hypnotist then this fear too can be dealt with as if you should start to feel uncomfortable, then you will be told to go to the ‘safe place’ by the hypnotist or s/he will say the safe word which you will hear and respond to. So no matter where you live or what your goals are, you can use hypnosis to improve your life and the answer about using Skype to hypnotise someone is literally just a few clicks away. Why not call now…

I am a psychologist with 30 years experience and use Skype and hypnosis to work successfullly with people all over the world for weight loss, alcoholism, smoking, anxieties, phobias etc with great success. If you hac an issue and you have been unable to get help for whatever reason go to or


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