Tips On How To Have Cleaner Upholstery That Could Last For Many Years

By Clive Sabin

Here are a few simple suggestions which should be followed so that you can have cleaner upholstery which could last for years.

Selecting the most appropriate upholstery. This is perhaps the most fundamental element that can affect the length of time your upholstery will last. Though as a minimum ninety percent of upholstered fabrics are washable, some will cleanup substantially better than others and be much more resistant against staining. Basically this is when the issue of fitness for purpose really comes into play.

Taking as an illustration a lot of draylon type fabrics with a raised pile are often much harder wearing, easier to thoroughly clean and much more resistant to staining than flat natural cotton type fabrics.

Yet another thing to keep in mind is how often and by whom will the upholstered furniture be utilised. If it is used on a daily basis by youngsters and the entire family along with pets it is really far more sensible to pick a high-quality much harder wearing draylon type fabric that’s really easily washable, stain resistant and a darker colour so it will likely not show dirt or marks as fast as light coloured fabrics.

The other serious dilemma which will come into play is what is the best way to keep clean and maintain your upholstery, taking as an illustration the most typical type of upholstery present in most peoples residences which is the three piece sitting room suite, consisting of a couch as well as two armchairs.

Using this as being a typical illustration, they should be hoovered on a regular basis to take out any surface dirt and dust which will accumulate over time. Should there be cushions; these will need to be turned over and beaten regularly to help preserve their appearance and so that they’ll wear evenly on both sides.

If possible have loose-fitting covers over the arms of the couches and armchairs that can be taken off and placed inside the washing machine, these will provide protection to the arms which generally get the most wear.

If at all possible unzip cushioned covers on a regular basis before they get to soiled and put in the washing machine on a low temperature delicate wash. Don’t dry them out in the clothes dryer afterwards as they may shrink; but put them back on the soft cushions while they are still damp. Always do a test cushion first.

At all times deal with stains as soon as they occur because if left and allowed to set they will be more difficult to remove later on. Baby wipes are often very useful for this reason because they moisten and water down the stain first as well as being super absorbent. A high quality carpet and upholstery stain remover which may be bought from almost all supermarkets will also be useful, At all times follow the instructions though, and deal with stains with care to get rid of them speedily which will help prevent them spreading.

For areas like arm rests along with other areas of settees and armchairs along with cushions where the covers simply cannot be taken off and placed in the clothes washer because they’re too stretched and have no zip fasteners; and this extends to any other kind of upholstered furniture including dining chairs and foot rests, they’ll have to be cleaned up by some other means.

A good way to clean them is actually by shampooing them using an upholstery attachment. This can be located on the latest new upright carpet shampooing machines. The shampoo is pumped onto the material which then works on and loosens the dirt within it. The dirt is then drawn right out of the fabric directly into the waste tank in the machine. This is an effective way to get rid of grime and spills from nearly all fabrics that can’t be machine washed for one reason or another. Again materials ought to be cleaned regularly to obtain the best results.

It must additionally be noted that many fabrics as mentioned previously will clean a lot better than others. At all times be sure when cleaning materials using this technique to not overwet them. To be on the safe side clean a small test section of the fabric first to see how it will react. After cleaning, should the fabric has a pile reset it if needed by using a soft clean brush.

The final procedure for cleaning well worth refering to is using the assistance of professional upholstery cleaners. This could be the best choice if you do not presently possess a carpet cleaning machine that has an upholstery accessory, or have problem or very dirty upholstery. The technique used will likely be mainly hot water extraction, and fabrics will regularly be pretreated beforehand. This is often more than likely the best option apart from machine washing materials to achieve the best results, but might sometimes prove to be the most expensive.

Last but not least some fabrics can not be safely wet cleaned and for that reason really should only be cleaned using dry cleaning chemicals. This really is better left to expert cleaning providers using dry cleaning machinary, and where appropriate cleaned on-site using portable dry cleaning machines.

Always check the manufacturers cleaning recommendations before you start, and if still unsure seek assistance and suggestions from professional upholstery cleaning providers.

Clive Sabin has been cleaning upholstery in north London and surrounding areas where he runs his own business for the last twenty nine years. He often advises his clients on the best methods for cleaning and maintaining their upholstery, so that it can last for years. For more information visit

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