Increase Sales Online: How Presenting Customers 2 Options Can Increase Sales Productivity

Intelligent business owners are always looking for a way to increase sales online and boost conversions. Many try convoluted and difficult tactics. They overlook one of the simplest and most effective strategies. Offering two options on your sales page, as opposed to just one, can be a fantastic way to increase sales productivity.

What Do You Mean, 2 Options?

Here’s an illustration of two options:.

Buy now for $497.00.

Or …

Buy now and pay in three simple payments of $66.65.

Another example is this:.

Buy product A.

Or …

Buy product B.

Pretty simple?

That is why it works. When we’re purchasing anything, too many options can make us feel overwhelmed. Instead of buying something, we often walk away with nothing. We begin to lose confidence in our decisions when there are too many products to compare. By providing two – and only two – options, it can make it much easier for a person to decide.

Why Isn’t One Product Enough?

Yes, one product is enough, and most sales pages and promotions emphasize just one product. Offering two products can actually increase sales productivity. There are a couple good reasons why.

1) The first is that you may be marketing to a person who has already bought one of the products. By marketing 2 products you are offering them something they do not already have.

2) Here is the other thing … when you offer 2 products, many prospects will make a purchase. They’ll choose between one of the products you’re selling. This has the potential to increase sales online dramatically and quickly.

So How Do You Position Them?

When you do make available 2 products in a sales page, some online marketers recommend the following:.

Position your bestselling product first in the offer area. Position your new or improved product in as the second offer.

HINT: You could also offer a product that’s recently gone on sale, too. The price would be ‘reduced’. The second product should have some characteristic that makes it stand apart.).

Consider trying this tactic with some other secondary product if you don’t have an improved or new product. You may find that this strategy works best when you are introducing a new or updated product.

Getting Started With the Two Product Offer.

The next time you are preparing to mail your list or create a special promo, try the two product strategy. It may become a regular marketing technique of your new product launches and special promotions.

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