How To Overcome Your Dental Phobia

You know you’ve got dentist phobia when you would rather double-back in pain, chant some ancient language of the dead, and try to will away the sharp ache of your impacted wisdom tooth than go to the dentist’s clinic. The dreaded sound of the drill, the sharp instruments laid down on a cold slab of metal tray, the white chair of bondage – everything in the dentist’s clinic, to you, seems like a stage set for further agony. But fear not. All seemingly bad things come to an end, and going to a skilled dentist is your ticket to ending dentist phobia.

The key to finally conquering your fear is to choose the best dentist in the area. You’ll want to choose a dentist who is not only highly skilled with modern dental procedures and new technologies, but also someone who is highly proficient at making patients feel well at ease. Use these top four ways of choosing your ideal dentist and finally defeating your fears.

1. Go and visit the dental clinics you’ve shortlisted and spend time talking with the staff and the dentist. Do this before you make any appointments. The initial visit will help you get a sense of how the staff and the dentist interact with patients. This would also be an excellent time to come clean about your fears and find out how the dentist will go about addressing them during your procedures. By going on this “tour,” you basically establish trust and determine the dentist’s chairside manner.

2. When you finally make that first appointment with the dentist, take it slow. Your initial procedure should be an easy one to handle, like teeth cleaning. If your fear is as overwhelming as most people’s, talk with your dentist before the simple procedure. Establish a signal that will tell him or her that you feel the need to take a breather. The ideal dentist will ask you during your cleaning if you feel any pain at all and perform the procedure according to your level of comfort.

3. Use the sedation procedures offered by your dentist. Dental procedures have improved by leaps and bounds, thanks in large part to the development of new technologies and better sedation techniques. Your dentist may recommend nitrous oxide or anti-anxiety medication. Of course, never take medication without your dentist’s approval because you never know what side effects might occur.

4. Consider relaxation techniques before you go in for complex procedures like dental implants or other services like the Invisalign Coral Gables orthodontists offer. You can try breathing exercises, do yoga, or listen to music that calms your nerves. The best way to get rid of nerves before your visit is to schedule your appointment in the morning. This way you avoid having to work up an anxiety during the day.

Overcoming your phobia is quite easy when you have skilled dentists to work with you. Click here for more information.


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