Create A Kids Teddy Bear Party

Make a bear parties are a very good party idea for babies birthday parties. Its not just an unique party idea that everyone will always remember, it’s also a wonderful low cost alternative to traditional kids parties.

Buy Your Teddy Bear On The Net

After you bu your bear kits at the over the internet shop they will be shipped right to your door along with any accessories and teddy bear clothes you’ve chosen. You can browse the assortment of bear ‘skins’ at your own leisure and choose whether every child will get the same bear or be able to pick from a selection. Always remember whilst it might be more exciting to have the little ones picking and choosing which bear they want, it can also cause fights.

Create a bear little ones party in your home

By hosting your children’s birthday party at home you do not have to stress about finding a venue big enough or somewhere that individuals will be comfy enough in. The stress that typically comes with organising a kids party is greatly lowered by having the party in the comfort of your own home.

Making the bears

This is the most crucial part of the party and you don’t want the kids to need to rush to create their bears, so leave a lot of time. It’s better to have time to spare than half-finished teddies dotted around the house as you can consistently just let the kids enjoy their toys for a bit longer before moving onto the food.

Create a teddy bear’s picnic

Youngsters parties are typically full of snack food, candy, and other sweet food. If you do not want your little one to be gorging on loads of unhealthy food all day why not take the theme to the extremity and hold a teddy bear picnic? If it’s a lovely sunny day, you could even hold the picnic outside, just make sure you have plenty of blankets and cushions to keep the little ones dry and comfortable. The food doesn’t need to be something spectacular, basic and classic picnic snacks, such as sandwiches, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages and chicken drumsticks, will go down a treat.

Play games at your make a bear party

As the kids are outside, benefit from the fresh air and space by playing a few games. Musical chairs is always a favorite and you can even play pass the parcel with the parcel being a new teddy bear outfit.

You don’t need party bags

Party bags are consistently a pain for mums and dads as they can be quite costly if you have several kids. Each party bag is generally filled with cake and toys such as crayons, water guns and bouncy balls.

With a build a bear party you won’t even need to consider party bags as all the guests will take home a teddy bear in a special gift bag, what more could they want than their very own buddy for life?

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