Choosing The Right Funeral Service

By Alan Redman

Arranging a funeral service for a lost loved one is not something we do every day and the help and guidance of a funeral director at such a time is essential. Many people don’t know where to start so the first thing to do is get in touch with your local funeral home.

Once the death certificate has been issued then arrangements for the funeral can begin. The initial decision to make will be on what kind of service you prefer. The deceased may well have advised someone of their preference however many families are left to make the decision themselves.

There are two kinds of funeral service you can hold. Firstly you can choose a traditional burial service where the deceased is laid to rest in a coffin in a preferred burial plot paid for by the deceased or their relatives. Although this was once the preferred choice of laying a loved one to rest these days many families opt for the cheaper alternative – cremation.

Without needing to buy a coffin, headstone or burial plot, cremation services work out far cheaper than burial services and seem to be the preferred choice for many families around Canada and The US. Funeral homes now provide families with a wide range of cremation services which work out far cheaper than burial services so be sure to ask the funeral director what cremation services they can offer.

Once the decision has been made on what kind of service you want to hold, then arrangements can be put in place. The funeral home will take over the organisation of the actual service, however it will be left to family and friends to organise the flowers and send out the invitations. You may also want to place an announcement in the local newspaper to reach people a little further afield. Bear in mind that many guests will have to arrange time off work to attend so the earlier you send the invitations the better.

Following the funeral service many families hold a gathering or wake at the family home. Buffet style food is generally laid on so guests can help themselves as they wish. These gatherings are a great opportunity for friends and family who couldn’t attend the actual service to pay their respects and say a few words of condolences to the remaining family.

Losing a loved one can be an emotional time, however with the help of a reputable funeral home arrangements can be made quickly and simply and your loved one will receive a send off they would have been proud of.

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