Personal Growth and Improvement – Does The Brain Have Any Limits

By Maria Bennett

A lot of people today ask questions about the differences between self improvement and being self obsessed. An example of being self obsessed is using unethical or harmful actions in order to reach your personal development plans, thus harming your family and friends. But let us learn more about what ethical self improvement is.

Having a high level of self confident all the time is a dream to many people, who do not feel confident in some situations. There are, however, people whose nervous systems seem so healthy that they never worry about what they say or how they act. These people are remarkable and other people admire them. What most of us may do not know is that we also may reach that kind of high self esteem and confidence with some efforts directed on ourselves.

Self confidence and personal growth is something that everyone can attain. Just keep in mind that old Freud’s theories do not work any longer and one will not be able to live happy life if blaming someone else for mishaps. On the other hand, phsyco therapy that was the only option a few years ago, is currently also considered to be inefficient. People no longer want to live with their past in order to move ahead. There are other much more effective options that I personally tried and can confidently recommend. Such are meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, neuro linguistic programs, marathon running, and personal coaching. You can choose whether to do them by yourself or hire a tutor, who will lead you in a personal growth progress.

It seems quite funny and useless to wait until reaching the age of 95 to take some action against the low self esteem. Actually, self improvment program can help people of all ages, if they really wish to change for good. Usually, the problem begins during the teenage years, but can happen also in the middle ages, when the person experiences the so-called midlife crisis. You don’t have to wait any longer, but start changing even from today. Just learn what the essence of healthy personal growth is and what makes it different from self obsession.

With the photography techniques we have today, we do a lot self portraits and stick them on Facebook or any other place we like. In the old days, and not that long ago, only queens and kings and lords and ladies, could afford a painter to make a nice oil portrait for the front room of the palace. Today we use our iPhone-self-portrait-camera and slap the photo on Facebook in a few seconds. Not even minutes. Is this healthy self esteem? I really want to know.

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