Break The Chains Of Doubt And Free Yourself

By Charlie Badely

Dreaming big is not bad and people do it often. How, many times do these aspirations just remain in the frame of dreams. They end up in the attic where they collect dust and remain forever.

Our dreams are supposed to actualize, but when they do not come true, our story of life takes a sad turn. It drains our enthusiasm and lowers our vibe to live life to the fullest. We continue to live a boring life just for the sake of living.

The biggest obstacle in setting aims is the thought of impossibility. Often people think that it is just not possible to achieve an aim, and that it hasn’t been done. However, have you considered that if scientists were of the same opinion, there would have been no inventions and discoveries or marvelous additions to human knowledge?

Scientists are in awe of the fact that theoretically it is impossible for the bumblebee to fly. Nonetheless, as impossible as it seemed, the bee continues to fly and will continue to fly.

Do not impose boundaries on yourself; if you do, you will be unable to break the chains that restrict you achieving your goal. If you travel in a direction opposite to that of your aim, you will end up following disappointment.

You can practice making your goals clearer and more achievable. Do this by writing your goals that ‘you think you can achieve’ on a piece of paper. List down all that comes into your mind.

When it is complete write another header that says, ‘I might be able to do this’. Again, extract from your imagination and write all the things that are in your mind.  Lastly, write another heading suggesting ‘I cannot do this’. When the lists is complete, every morning study these notes and try to accomplish things written under the first heading.

When you have completed the tasks of the first move on to the second and then when you will glance at the third one you will be surprised to realize that things you thought were impossible will seem to have become possible now.

Upon completing things you thought you could not accomplish, things that you felt were impossible will seem more possible.

Doing the impossible requires hard work but without it you will end up in bitter disappointment. Setting goals unwisely can be the worst mistake.

If you had told someone from the 1900’s that a man would land on moon in the next century he or she might have suspected you are mad. But the constant perseverance of imagination and application, yielded that reality.

Like Edison said – breakthroughs are 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. The statement holds true in every situation. So continue to dream big and aim for higher stars while  putting the best  efforts into doing your tasks. As you do this you will see how ‘impossible’ will start becoming ‘possible’.

As the famous quote says, “no pain, no gain,” you cannot succeed without hard work. Nothing is impossible! Realize your dreams and believe you can make it.

For more information about how how to achieve your dreams, check out the Go Big Now Review. I’m sure you’ll like it!

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