Big Brother Is Watching Kenya

Edwin Kaguri
The president elect Uhuru, whose name means freedom in Swahili, was able to clinch the top job in Kenya in the just concluded March 4th, 2013 elections. The process had few hitches and results were delayed but after almost a week of waiting, results came out.

The victory was nationally celebrated by the UhuRuto followers with the biggest loser in the race being the CORD Team. There were 8 candidates contesting for the seat, in the once a British Protectorate, but the rest 6 gathered insignificant number of votes.

Almost immediately, speculations were made that Europe had banned Uhuru and Ruto from traveling there but British High Commissioner Christian Turner denied the claims. As reported by The Standard Media Group. Still, the proverbial disciplinarian face is on. Is punishment waiting?

Seems the voters weren’t wise enough to elect the best leader or the electoral process was flawed.

With a very young democracy, Kenya has amazed Big Brother by maintaining peace from the start of elections up till now. Have never understood why such peace loving people were up in arms against each other before. They’re political thus constant tribal duel casualties.

Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of the founding father of the Nation—Jommo Kenyatta—is going back to State House as a president now.

But was he the rightful heir to the throne? Even CNN reveals victory has been received with mixed reactions both nationally and internationally. Raila Odinga, a renowned figure in the fight for democracy, says the process was flawed so he’ll take the matter to the Supreme Court. The law dictates that he does so within a 7 day period. Some members of the Cord Alliance, notably his running mate and would have been Deputy President Kalonzo Musyoka, conceded defeat.

Europe is not glad with the turn of events for sure. Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are both International Criminal Court—ICC suspects. Their cases, for allegedly inciting violence in the last Kenya General Election of 2007 which saw more than 1,000 people killed and thousands more injured and displaced, are still pending in the court. The New York Times writes: ‘Indictee for President!’ President Obama stated that ‘America will not endorse any candidate in the election process but only wants free and fair elections for Kenya’.

Obama’s voice was crucial since he traces his ancestral roots to this land. America may slap Kenya with more sanctions; they felt that Uhuru was not the best candidate. This doesn’t mean they endorsed Raila Odinga. Raila, did not accept the results released by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission—IEBC. So Uhuru is not yet all way through the finish line.

There are various scenarios that could unfold depending on the court’s ruling. The worst case; the court rules in favor of the Cord Team and the election process is repeated. Can a potential violence, therefore, erupt just as Big Brother had predicted? By the first week of April, 2013, the court makes a decision while speculations on the results continue to soar high.

One thought on “Big Brother Is Watching Kenya

  1. Well said… i think at the end of it all, the new president will prove to Kenyans just how right or wrong their were to take a chance in him despite his pending case at the ICC. After all everyone is now singing praises of the retired president Mwai Kibaki even the people who fought and killed each other disputing his re-election…. all we can say is that time will tell… time will tell..

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