To Be Or Not To Be Kind

how to be kind

WHY BE KIND? “A world without kindness is a dead world.” (Excerpt from: I Hate to Say Goodbye) Many times in our lives we are faced with the dilemma how to deal with someone who was not nice to us, who disappointed us, who treated us roughly, who was inconsiderate, insulting, irritating, annoying; you get the gist?

Most likely, our immediate reaction would have been to get even, to “show” them, to teach them a lesson, scold them, criticize and never talk to them again, to continue to hate them, to not be close to them and to withdraw from them.

The questions I am asking you are: what do we get by hurting the one who hurt us?

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Selling Made Easy

Bruce King

Bruce King Masterclass

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Don’t like selling?

Feel uncomfortable selling?

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Obama Rap Foxy Knoxy

Obama Rap – Foxy Knoxy from New London Writers on Vimeo.